Wamp Server

WAMP installs automatically Apache ,PHP, MySQL database ,PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager on your computer. It's principal aim is to allow you to easily discover the new version oh PHP : PHP5. WAMP5 comes with a service manager installed as a tray icon. It allows you to manage WAMP and access all services.

When you install WAMP, all the files are copied in the directory you choose. Conf files are then modified to point to that directory. It also installs a "www" directory which will be your Document Root. wamp menu At the end of the installation, WAMP will automatically install Apache and MySQL as services :
  • service' wampapache' : apache service
  • service 'wampmysql' : mysql service
WAMP's installation is compact. This means that all files are copied to WAMP's directory. Only the MySQL conf file (usually my.ini) is copied to the Windows directory but as "mywamp.ini" to avoid conflicts with other installs.

Download: WAMP

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