PHP Pagination

This is a guide how to create a pagination using PHP and MySQL.


This is a script to make pagination in PHP like or This script was written by a guy from Stranger Studios.

In this page I've edit the script a little bit to make it working and easy to edit. You can grab the original script at Digg-Style Pagination.

My tutorial is just a guide how to implemente in your PHP script. The image below is what you'll get after finished this code.

PHP Pagination Script

STEP1: The Code

Grab the code and paste in your text editor.
You have to customize 7 spots in this code (see images below).

1. Code to connect to your DB - place or include your code to connect to database.
2. $tbl_name - your table name.
3. $adjacents - how many adjacent pages should be shown on each side.
4. $targetpage - is the name of file ex. I saved this file as pagination.php, my $targetpage should be "pagination.php".
5. $limit - how many items to show per page.
6. "SELECT column_name - change to your own column.
7. Replace your own while..loop here - place your code to echo results here.

After all, save and test your script.

############### Code

These are where you have to customize the script
PHP pagination PHP pagination

STEP2: Apply CSS Style to your code

Save this code to style.css and link to your pagination page.
To get more CSS style click here

PHP pagination

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